About company

       EYE electronic Co., Ltd, was founded in 2000, is one of the most well-known gambling cheating device supplier in China. With function of design, manufacture, goods selling and well after service, our company is getting more and more popular in the poker gambling field.

  With registered capital of 8 million USD, and working together with Chinese Institute of Electronics for researching, our products are updated year by year, so that we can output more and more new products to cater to different gambling requirements. Our main products including: Poker card analyzer, Poker spy camera lens, Invisible contact lenses, illuminant ink marked cards, all kinds of dice, mahjong tables, card tricks etc. These products are sold in Britain, America, Japan, Italy, Russia and South East Asia etc. Great varieties, modern techniques, reasonable price and perfect after service, are well appreciated by their purchasers. You can use our device to play Texas/Omaha hold'em and other poker games all over the world.

  The company is located in Guangzhou, which is a typical developed economy city in South China. Tourism and transnational trade become the main pillar of the economy. Close to the Baiyun International Airport, it is very convenient to be here. You can also visit HongKong and Macao easily as it is very near. Guangzhou city is also well-known as the Origin of making cheating device for poker and other many kinds of gambling. While if you will travel in China, make sure to Guangzhou and you can personally experience our products.

  The product both on wholesale and retail, you can also join our group to sell our goods abroad. We hope we can have a good co-operation now and in the future, and bring you great fortune!

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