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Vip phone host analyzer system in the poker gamble
2014-03-18 17:29
Many our regular customers want a new high-tech poker cheating analyzer. They want to experience the new high quality product, and we would like to meet them. Here is the configuration of the new poker cheating analyzer and its name is VIP pone host analyzer system.
1 VIP brand new smart devices, gamer’s players selected
2 ulti-tasking system-on-a-chips, to make the game more user-friendly
3 The system host can be installed SIM card, dial any phone and send text messages
4 Built-in scanning lenses, 0.01 seconds faster task executed immediately play
5 Multi-game menus, direct selection the omitted code input trouble
6 Single user interfaces, and the other the purchase of additional camera lens, you can choose many types of scanning
Black boxes, chip boxes, car keys, cell phone, T-shirts, clothes, cuffs camera, proximity card 18cm to 250cm
7 High-end gaming, VIP enjoy after-sales service and maintenance, customer trust in the security
8 Texas / Omaha 4 / Omaha 5 / cap ado all built-in
You can use this cell phone as normal phone, such as send massage and make phone calls, listen to music and so on. Only when you are in poker games, you could use it as poker cheating analyzer. This poker cheating analyzer could work with many kinds of marked cards.
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