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Cooperation poker player work with poker cheating analyzer
2014-03-18 17:31
In our life, we know cooperation could make a big profitable, this principle also could use in poker game cheating.

Just like magicians, cheats often specialize in a particular domain to become masters. One of the most difficult techniques is riffle stacking. Done perfectly, there is no way you can suspect that the deck is being stacked. Masters in stacking are called run-up men. There are also those who specialize in switching cards in and out of play. They are hold-out men. Paper players specialize in marking cards, base dealers in bottom dealing and the list goes on.

Cheats rarely work alone. Big action often brings what we call crews, a cheating organization.  With the help of poker cheating device, they work together the roles are clearly determined just like a film script.

The leader is known as the captain. He is the writer of the script. He has full responsibility over the mob, from role assignment to money sharing. His strong gambling background gives him credibility and legitimacy to take on the role.

The mechanic is the technician, the one with exceptional skills at the table. He is supposed to make the move at the right time (chip stealing, dice switching, card mucking, false shuffling, etc.).

As the poker cheating player work together, they need use high quality poker cheating predictor, we could supply profession poker cheating predictor as you want, and they are high-tech product.
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