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Stealth perspective glasses use in poker gambling
2014-03-19 18:07
Perspective glasses are very popular poker cheating device, it invisible and comfortable, will not hurt your eyes. Many regular customer like to wear it, because they feel it no need operate, this make them feel safe.

Lens parameters
Product rating: 1 Qualified
48-72 hours wearing time
Center Thickness: 4mm~5mm
Life cycle: 2 year
Production label: 007020011
Packing: 2 pcs / box
Material: chorg
Water content: 37.2%
Oxygen permeability coefficient: 6.8DK
Degree: 0 degrees
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve (i.e., curvature): 8.5
Other features: White Perspective
Environmental requirements: White Energy Saving Lamp

White Stealth Perspective glasses, also known as fluorescence imaging, is one of security products

White glasses at different wavelengths of fluorescent lighting, fluorescence imaging showed different responses showed a long wave fluorescent color reaction; short the show another color fluorescence response.

Long-wave-type look at the external environment sub-light red (365 nm) and short-wave-type look at the external environment bluish red light (254 nm) of two white glasses, people's eyes to the light in this interval is not particularly sensitive, generally not clear or totally Less, in order to observe the excitation source must be a wavelength between 400 ~ 560μ m in the UV or red light.

Perspective glasses have different quality, we suggest you use our high quality product, but you also could choose low price perspective glasses, if you are not often use it, they are just different material, but also will not hurt your eyes. When you use the perspective glasses in poker gambling, you are safe.
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