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Scanner predictor for blackjack in poker game
2014-03-20 16:47
There are many scanner predictors for Texas hold’em and Omaha poker game, and now EYE poker cheating center introduce a new scanner predictor for black jack. This predictor could predict the result before you stake.

This  predictor scans and transmits the information regarding the future winners of the current game in 0.1 seconds, representing one of the strongest “playing cards tricks” The system gives you the ability to know all the playing cards from a deck, from the first to the last one.

The advantages of this kind of system:
1. Only one person is needed
2. A scanning time of 0.1 seconds.
3. Maximum mobility.
 4. There is no need of wires or a laptop.
 5. Direct transmission from the scanner to the earphone.
 6. Quick configuration of the number of players during the game
 7. Quick configuration of the game
 8. The ability to analyze the results for consecutive games
9. High accuracy of the system

  You can choose from several models of prediction scanners: mobile phone, cigarette lighter, ashtray, wallet, painting, etc. The system works like this: the hidden scanner scans the playing cards in 0.1 seconds. The results are transmitted directly into a micro earphone, without anyone noticing. As long as the stock lasts, by purchasing this system we also offer you a bonus of 10 decks of playing cards marked with barcodes. The package includes: the Blackjack shoe winner predictor, remote control for changing the number of players, 10 decks of playing cards.

Those who try to use it in order to defraud the gambling games like Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker Caribbean, Rummy, Dominoes may be directly responsible.

This black jack scanner predictor is of 100% accuracy. And this predictor appearance is a cell phone, you could use it as a normal cell phone, when you need use it as a black jack scanner predictor, you just need open the device button.
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