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One to one mini earpieces you can hear clearly
2014-03-20 17:57
One to one earpieces are popular in the world. But some gamblers think the price is too high to buy these products. But if it can give a large benefit for your gambling games, they deserved the price
In order to let you know more about the one to one earpieces. We will explain in the following. One-to-one mini earpiece receives signal by inductive coil, compared with the old style, it just can get feedback for the special frequency from poker analyzer that means another players who wear the old style earpieces can not hear the game results from your analyzer even they sit close to you.
How to use
1. Put the battery into the earpieces.
2. Set up the voice way in the poker analyzer as coil or unplug the external speaker from the devices.
3. Put the earpiece in your ear.
4. Keep the distance between earpieces and poker analyzer in 50-70cm.
For better sound quality please make these steps: 
1. Clear your ear canal wax and can damage the earpiece.
2. Put in earpiece at your ear with round movement at your ear. Some people directly put in earpiece in their ear and then can't hear anything, because they are not put in correct at their ear.
3. Set volume at maximum for better sound quality.
Did you use the one to one mini earpieces before? One to one means that other people will not hear your result and other earpieces will not affect your earpieces. These are new products for selling in our company.
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