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Chips tray scanning camera work with poker analyzer
2014-03-21 17:42
We all know there is a chips tray in every Texas hold’em table and many other poker tables. We could put a scanning camera lens in it and nobody will found it.

Scanning camera is the essential part of poker analyzer to predict the result of Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Black Jack...
Chips box scanning camera is one of our poker scanning camera, which can be convenient to scan the barcode cards when playing in casino or poker club with out being detected by other players.
Different size of Chips box can be processed with the micro scanning camera and it is hard for others to notice it.
There are different distance between the scanning camera and the barcode cards, and you can choose the scanning camera with one of the following range:
1.20cm -- 30cm
2.30cm -- 40cm
3.40cm -- 50cm
4.50cm -- 60cm
5.60cm -- 70cm
6.70cm -- 80cm
7.80cm -- 90cm
The battery of chip tray scanning camera could period for 10 hours.

The chips tray scanning camera could custom as customers require. You also could put the scanning camera into lighter, water bottle and many other objects. This chips tray scanning camera work with special poker analyzer.
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