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Magic show device similar to poker cheat device
2014-03-25 17:36
There are many similar between poker cheat device and magic device, and we also could provide many kinds of magic device.
Professional cheats and magicians have two common points: they work with the same materials (cards, dice, chips, etc.) and they are real sleight-of-hand artists. But they are worlds apart in every possible way.

Magicians only exist in the light, whereas cheats live in the shadow. The magician practices and performs for an audience to gain applause, reputation and eventually money. The cheat practices and performs only to get money.

Professional cheats excel and outshine magicians in card manipulation. Some cheats are particularly gifted, and some train 365 days a year to acquire undetectable techniques with a deck of cards. Cheats are specialists, and cards are their bread and butter, whereas magicians cover a much broader scope (balls, cups, ropes, mind-reading, illusionism, etc.).

Some magicians have specialized in gambling techniques and have reached a remarkable level. But their moves often lack naturalness, or they execute techniques never used by cheats. Plus, performing gambling demonstrations in front an audience cannot be compared to real work.

Magic device is the same as poker cheat device, some of them easier than poker cheat device, but we also could supply high-tech magic show device, this need custom in advance.
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