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Use infrared contact lenses to see Fournier 2818 plastic mar
2014-03-26 17:24
Fournier 2818 plastic marked cards have been launched on the market and sell crazily. It will bring you more fortune and make sure you win money with good concealment. No one will doubt it.
Made by one of Europe's leading card manufacturers Fournier of Spain, these official World Poker Tour cards are used during the prestigious WPT tournament. 100% plastic, the WPT Playing Cards are ideal for your home game of poker. Fournier 2818 plastic marked cards are designed to maintain their original form and to be handled for hours without suffering tears or symptoms of wear. The strict quality controls ensure these cards are all of equal size, without any marks or defects.
Use for:Contact lenses, Perspective glasses
Other Models:Fournier WPT Red Fournier WPT blue
Fournier 2818 red design, Fournier 2818 blue design
There are two materials of marked playing cards. They are paper marked playing cards and plastic marked cards. But more and more casinos and gambling parties choose to use the plastic marked cards. The Fournier 2818 plastic marked cards are available.
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