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Long scanning distance poker cheat soothsayer
2014-03-31 17:28
Maybe many customers want to buy poker cheat soothsayer, but they don’t know how to choose the suitable one. We supply all kinds of poker cheat soothsayer, cheap one or high price one, this depends on you.
The playing cards soothsayer would be a good choice .The playing card soothsayer will report the number and suit of each playing card in one second, so the user can know what is suit and number of playing cards he will get according to wireless voice received by soothsayer. It reports the result from the top to the end of playing cards. All brand mobile phone is optional; you can also bring your own mobile phone to process. Support for all playing cards games. Use the hidden headphones to receive automatic reporting about the size and color points. The playing cards Soothsayer reports points automatically about how to beat out the color, and then people will win the game most possibly
Single operation, no need the cooperation of remote system, reporting voice automatically, fast speed The accessories of playing cards Soothsayer are, a set of wireless earplugs, a charger, cell phone batteries, one board-ion battery.

Working Procedures:
1. Put the earpiece in your ear, and set up the suitable position of receiver
Set up the number of players in 2nd Single Operation Poke Automatic Analyzer, and then put it in pocket
2. Put the hidden lens on mobile in suitable direction and then aim at. If so, the analyzer will report the points and flowers of all the players through the wireless earpiece when it finishes analyzing
3. You can move the lens to anywhere you want, but they are for close range, effect range is 30cm-60cm. The lens is used to scan the playing cards, clearly and fast.

If you like use long scanning distance poker soothsayer, we suggest you could choose our new cell phone poker cheat analyzer, this analyzer have a long scanning distance of 90cm. it have a good stability than many poker soothsayer made by other company.
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