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Modiano texas hold'em poker cards
2014-03-31 17:32
Different people like different poker cards, and also like different poker games, and modiano Texas hold’em poker game is very popular in the world.

The fantastic texture impresses the players a lot: easier to cut, shuffle and handle. Don't worry about to lose control of the cards when you playing .Besides, Modiano Texas Hold’em cards' vivid colors and design and the special style get many players attraction. They are very useful in Magic Show and Texas Hold’em and Omaha Game.

Modiano Texas Hold’em Playing Cards' Features:
1,100% Plastic-Jumbo Index-Wide Size (2½ x 3½)
2, 52 Cards+2 Jokers
3, Card Size: 8.8*6.3cm (Standard size for playing cards)
The best way to mark the luminous M odiano Texas Hold’em cards:
Blue cards: Marked with big font in the middle of the playing cards.
Red, Pink, Orange cards: Marked with big font in the middle or small fonts in 4 corners.

If you have a try of modiano Texas hold’em, you will like it, and we supply special poker analyzer for modiano cards, there are many barcode on the edge of poker cards, and poker analyzer could read these barcode, and nobody will found it.
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