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Hidden lens for poker cheating device
2014-03-31 17:43
You may wander what is the most important factor of hidden lenses that is the camera lens must be clear. When the camera lens is clear, it could work with analyzer correctly.
Today hidden lens are used at many places according to the customers need like in Ladies Purse, Lighter, Key Chain, Watch etc. Hidden Cameras inside them can scan hidden code of playing cards and transfer the result to Soothsayer. Hidden Lens for playing is quite common in the world. In India, metro cities are popular for gambling. So, Hidden Lens in Playing Cards in Delhi gaining market because of it demands.

All playing games are supported by playing card Machine soothsayer in India.
Your own mobile phone can also used.
Hidden Lens is used to get information about size and color points that helps the people to win the game mostly.
The Poker Soothsayer is flawless. This phone can make calls, send messages, and listen to music. In the Poker Soothsayer scanning hidden camera are placed.
No need to put the poker in neatness, or focus, direction.
These hidden lens are a group with many kinds of program, it could used for all poker games.

We have many kinds of poker cheating device, and also have some special for Delhi India customer, and the hidden lens is of high quality, we have some regular customer, please feel free to use our hidden lens and poker cheat device.
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