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Graphene Contributes to Infrared Contact Lens
2014-04-02 11:16
It is reported that a plan of making contact lens with super vision is about to be brought into the public by some scientists in America this year. This contact lens adopts advanced infrared light, which is a electromagnetic wave longer than visible light. As experts say, the infrared contact lens wearers can see objects at night as clearly as in the day, as if your eyes were as powerful as the infrared night vision goggles. 
Perhaps, you will wonder what makes the infrared contact lens so powerful. It is because that it contains a new chemical material called graphene. This material has an extremely good photographic ability and can detect visible and invisible lights, such as infrared light, yellow light and blue light. IR Perspective Glasses is short for infrared contact lens. According to some glasses experts, this new technology can be applied to the fields of military defense, medical care and daily life. Of course, it can also be used in poker games to improve players’ eyesight at night.
Graphene is made of carbon atoms with a hexagonal structure and one million thinner than paper. Additionally, the honey comb structure makes it the world’s most hard material by far. Scientists design and make an extremely thin grapheme sensor and inlay it into contact lens or mobile phone lens. Under the sunlight, a pair of infrared contact lens with grapheme inside is able to receive many different kinds of light. Graphene will contribute to the improvement and popularity of infrared contact lens. In the near future, it will be used in poker cheat devices to help people who wear infrared contact lenses to win money in poker games. In my opinion, that will be not far.
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