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Amplifier could match many kinds of EYE poker cheat analyzer
2014-04-02 17:26
Amplifier is use with poker cheat soothsayer, sometimes when you in a very noisy casino or home game, and there are too much voice, you can not hear the reporter, and then the amplifier could help you.
It is an amazing voice enlarging system: Loudspeaker. It works with Wireless micro earphone. When the voice of the micro earphone is small, user can listen clearly by Loudspeaker.
 How it works:
You can use the micro phone contact with the poker analyzer. Turn on the Loudspeaker. It can enlarge the voice of poker analyzer, and transmit the signals to the Wireless micro earphone.
Use for:
1. Passing exams or taking tests
2. Making speech at a meeting or negotiations
3. Working as a security guard
4. Playing games or gambling at casino

Amplifier is very easy to use, and this amplifier can match the EYE poker cheat soothsayer and AKK soothsayer, EYE MDA poker cheat soothsayer. This amplifier is our new product and you can buy it together with poker cheat analyzer.
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