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Newest Iphone5 poker cheat analyzer
2014-04-03 17:03
Iphone5 is new in the market, but we could make it as a poker analyzer, as a new cell phone, nobody will think about it is a poker cheat analyzer.

It is used for all generations of poker soothsayer and poker analyzer. It is a true mobile phone which copy from the IPHONE 5, but can help the user to operate with poker soothsayer.
And according to our customers all over the world, in order to provide the system in different languages: English, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Turkish, Portuguese, Romanian, etc., there is a necessity to change the original chip. This is the only way to change the language.
Model 305 wireless stealth earpieces (providing clear voice). You could set panel with a screen (in order to adjust the number of the players and the game mode). Micro-computer (size 80mm*65mm, power switch, port). Video output device (can be connected to a computer and can check the location of the marked cards).it could speaker for testing voice. It has 2400mah Li-battery (4-8 hours). 20 decks of plastic cards (free processed and customized). Manual in English (other languages are also available)
Distance: Around 26-35cm 50-60cm, Estimate working hours: About 3-4 hours. Specification: It contains 1pcs Iphone 5 mobile phone lens, 1pcs battery and 1 pcs of charger.

If you need the iphone5 poker cheat analyzer into your language, please order it in advance, the color of the poker cheat analyzer only have black and white. The hidden lens in the iphone5 is the high quality one, so the quality of the iphone5 is a high quality poker analyzer.
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