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Newest poker scanning software make a long distance scanner
2014-04-03 17:17
If you want to use some different poker analyzer, you can choose poker scanning software, this software is the newest in the market now, and this scanning software could put in many kinds of cell phone.

Any site, any light, without restriction, friendly interface, before the default boot to himself or his people get the most points the license, easy to operate, that is, places that will, simply by clicking on Intelligent Light Analyzer0.03 seconds accurate analysis of the size of each card, points made in a timely manner "with" and "not with" the decision to play at the same time automatic identification tips color; (analysis system can be set up to fight a variety of color ways) will be distributed to the maximum point of accuracy himself or his people, player can also play the door of life and death!
Used for: Private poker gambling; Party gambling; Private casino; Poker match; Magic show.
Optional Accessories:
1. Hidden-marked Pokers
2. Micro lens which hidden in props (like cell phone, cigarette box, ashtray and normal item which can be placed nearly with pokers)
1. 100% accuracy.
2. 0.3 seconds to automatically indentify the process
3. Automatically indentify the color
4. Analyze two pieces of Poker total 108 cards, deal 27 cards at maximum
5. Continue to analyze the next game after deleting the last game, until game over
6. Control the win only to press
7. To set up the death or alive, win or lose freely
8. Smart analyzing on computer, cooperate by the remote operation
9. Automatic error correction without putting poker in neatness
10. suitable for all kinds of remote hidden lens
Our poker scanning software could be put into the cell phone and if you want put the scanning software into your cell phone, you can custom in advance. This poker scanning software could make out a long distance scanner, you will love it.
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