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The Seven Functional Requirements for Monitoring System
2014-04-04 13:05
At present, people have a higher demand for protection and safety devices than ever before and their requirements for monitoring system have already showed diversification and systematization.
There are seven major requirements for modern monitoring system as follows:
  1. Remote Access.
As we know, traditional video monitoring works in a small area in general. However, with the improvement of safety awareness, more and more people have higher requirements for future monitoring system. They hope that the access to sites is not subject to regional restriction and the monitoring sites can be visited anytime and anywhere.
  1. Access to the same monitoring site at the same time by many users.
Traditionally, a monitoring site can only be visited by one supervision center, but now the same monitoring site is more likely to be visited by many different users at the same time and these users have no direct relations between one another. Therefore, the complication of users’ access will require the system to strengthen the management of access.
  1. Monitoring sites tend to disperse but monitoring itself tends to concentrate.
The monitoring sites belonging to one user will tend to be more and more dispersive without regional restriction. As a result, these scattered sites need centralized management and control.
  1. Require monitoring system with openness and expansibility.
The same system shall support a variety of different types of monitoring equipments. Besides, the number of users and sites can be easily increased or decreased.
  1. Have massive data storage.
Network makes massive data storage possible by transferring the traditional local video to remote server. In the meantime, it will require system to have stronger functions of storing, searching, backup and so on.
  1. Information Security.
With complex system, diverse users and the characteristics of video monitoring, it will be sure to require the system can provide powerful guarantee for information security.
  1. Intelligent video monitoring.
Video monitoring system in the future won’t be confined to passively provide video images. It will require the system itself has more intelligence to identify different objects, find abnormal situations, send alarms and provide useful information in a faster and better way in order to assist security personnel more effectively in dealing with emergencies and minimizing false positives and omission phenomena. In the future, video monitoring system will become a powerful assistant tool to response to attacks and deal with emergencies. Additionally, intelligent video monitoring can also be used in games, traffic management, customer behavior analysis, customer service and so on.
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