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Fournier marked cards is a durable marked poker cards
2014-04-04 16:57

Among all of the marked cards, you may have one favorite card, Fournier marked cards is a high quality marked cards, it very durable and you can use it for 1year.

Just give us the poker you need! We can make them whatever you want! We no have ready in stock, you should send us.
Fournier 2818 Marked Cards 100% Plastic (2818)
According to customer requirements, providing product model, machine production marks the card: the back of the four corners of the small font, large font identification mark. Large font Marked card, Small font Marked card corners, Marked card corners of the small number
With contact lenses or the prospective glasses, the user can see what the number is and suit before they get, of course, other players can not see anything.

There are two kinds of marked cards, edge marked cards and back marked cards, edge marked cards use with poker cheat analyzer and back marked cards use with contact lenses, and our Fournier marked cards could work with blue contact lenses.
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