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Supply many kinds of automatic mahjong table
2014-04-04 17:05
We supply many kinds of poker cards, poker cheating device and mahjong table and so on, you can custom mahjong table as you want.

Automatic mahjong table, program installed, can do the best hand you want. No matter how you play, and no matter how about your rules, your just need to tell your require, and we can custom the program for you.
Its shuffler time is the same as normal mahjong table. This kind of table can suit for all size of mahjong. This kind of table is popular in the world.
Table size: 86.5cm * 86.5cm
Package details:
Automatic mahjong table: 1 set
Remote:              1 pcs
This device is widely used for private mahjong party, party gamble, casino, mahjong match, magic show.

We supply many kinds of automatic mahjong table, process and unprocessed one, you also can send you mahjong or mahjong table to us to process, if you are interest in gambling device, please feel free to contact us.
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