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Playing Baccarat needs Automatic shuffle cheating system
2014-04-04 17:37
In a Baccarat poker game, there are two ways for you to bet, banker and player. It is an easy game but full of skill and experience. How do you how if the banker win or the player win? Automatic shuffle cheating system can let you win easily.

Dealer always use hand shuffle the card decks or use machine to shuffle the poker decks. If some where uses automatic shuffle cheating system to shuffle the decks, we can cheat at it. We hide a High Speed camera lens into the automatic shuffling and wireless sender. When the decks are shuffled, the HS camera will remember each piece of the cards and then change it into digital, for example, Spade of A will be changed into 1. And after all the decks are shuffled (max for 8 decks), the data will be sent to the computer. You can set the first hand and then all the hands you will know from the computer. Once you know each hand, you can tell the player that which way to bet, than banker or the player.

Automatic shuffle cheating system is very fit for playing Baccarat. EYE Poker Cheating Center sells it on the market. If you are interested in it, please tell us, and we will offer you more information about it.
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