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Monitoring system work with dice bowl in dice gamble
2014-04-08 17:24

Are you interest in dice gamble? If you say yes, this article will suit for you, now let’s introduce a dice gamble cheating device for you , with the help of this dice bowl, you will win a lot of money.

Use our bowl monitoring system to cheat at the dices. We can fix a mini spy camera lens into the bottom of the bowl, and when in gambling, cover the bowl and from a monitor, you can see the points clearly. We can fix the camera lens into china bowl, stainless bowl, dish and many of other stuffs. The dice is normal without processed.
 You can also send your own bowl or dishes here to process!
Camera lens    : mini-spy pin hole camera lens
Receive distance: 2-3 meters
Battery life     : 1 hour
Battery irreplaceable
Bowl monitor system    :  1 pcs
Normal dice           :  5 pcs
Charger               :  1 pcs
There is a monitoring system work with dice bowl, and the monitoring system will know the result in its screen. You can use this dice bawl in guessing the single or double, or guessing the points and so on
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