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Do you have pin hole monitoring camera lens system
2014-04-09 17:34
The pin hole monitoring camera lens system obtain a pin hold camera lens, a receiver, a transmitter, a TV, a pair of earpieces and several decks of marked cards. This whole system can help you win money without any pressure and you will know poker suits and points right now.

This is a very practical pin hold monitoring camera lens system for private gambling games. The camera lens you can set them inside a cell phone, a emergency lamp, a water dispenser, a piece of picture or a wall clock, a droplight and so on, because the monitoring camera lens is very small size. When we set it inside these stuffs to hidden them, no one will find them at all. The pin hole monitoring camera lens can scan marked cards within 3 meters and the scanning range is within 1 meters. These parameters are attractive for you to buy the pin hole monitoring camera lens.

When you wan to hold a gambling game in a private room and you wan to win money from other gamblers, what is the best poker cheating device for you to buy? Now, we will recommend the pin hole monitoring camera lens system.
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