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Water bottle camera lens could use for playing poker game
2014-04-11 17:32
Water bottle is an inconspicuous object, because nobody will think there is any problem of drink water, so put the camera lens in water bottle is a safe method.

The Water bottle camera analyzer system has many advantages:
1. Cards no need to mark, suitable for all kinds of poker, i.e. Fourier, Modiano, Copag, Bicycle, KEM, and BEE cards etc.
2. Reports the cards number and suits 100% exactly and high speed likes the normal analyzer. At the same time, each coming cards can be seen clearly on the screen.
3. supports all the games: Texas hold’em, Omaha, flush games, china poker and so on.
4. The matched camera can be installed into different objects, such as chip tray, wallet, and mobile phone and so on.
5. Single person operation and no need other partners
6. System language depends on specific requirement, support majority language: English, Spanish, Russian, French, Germany, Portugal etc.

Water camera lens is a very convenient cheating device, not only the water bottle and you can fix the camera lens into other object, such as lighter, cup, book, wall picture and so on.
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