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What’s the Differences between Marked Contact Lenses and Su
2014-04-15 13:51
We are often stuck in such an odd circle that something common is inclined to be ignored by us even if it is shown frequently just in front of us. Contact lenses and sunglasses are common articles of daily use, which are essential to fashion icons and poker lovers. However, few people know about the differences between marked contact lenses and marked sunglasses. Therefore, this article is mainly to talk about the differences of these two commonly-seen eye glasses.
On one hand, from the angle of wearing ways, contact lenses are worn inside our eyes and directly touch our naked eyes while sunglasses are worn on the bridge of nose. Thus, it leads to the hygiene and safety problem for the glasses wearers. Some people have a misunderstanding that wearing glasses is safer than contact lenses. As a matter of fact, nothing can prove this statement right at present. You can make contact lenses as safe and sanitary as glasses as long as you wear it in a proper way and keep it clean.
On the other hand, for poker use, contact lenses are much more secret and guaranteed than marked sunglasses when poker cheaters would like to cheat at poker games. Contact lenses have many different colors to match perfectly with your pupillary colors and they are worn inside eyes so that it is not easy for people to find flaws or have doubts. On the contrary, marked sunglasses are a little showy, so it is usually looked as a common cheating device at poker games and it is easy to make people throw doubts upon the sunglasses wearers.
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