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Marked cards are work with contact lenses or poker cheating
2014-04-15 17:19
If there anything loved by most of people that must be gambling, and poker cards gamble is one of the hottest game in the gamble. There are many rules when you use marked cards, after skillful use of the marked cards, you will know it’s easy to be a winner.

Marked cards are also called readers or paper. Card cheats who use paper are called paper players. Another popular term for paper players is painters. This is because expert cheats like to "paint their own paper," as opposed to buying a ready-made marked deck from a crooked gambling supplier.
An expert painter will only prepare as many cards as absolutely needed for a particular game. For example in some games, such as blackjack, the suits are irrelevant so there is no need to mark them. Furthermore in blackjack cheats usually mark only the relevant groups of cards. The aces, the tens (this includes picture cards), high cards (7's, 8's and 9's) and low cards (2's to 6's). To use this system the cheat only needs to develop three marking patterns. One of the four groups (in this case the low cards) will be left unmarked. It should be noted, however, that another very effective marking system for blackjack would be to mark only the Aces and the tens. What groups of cards the cheat decides to mark is a matter of personal preference. As a general rule if fewer cards are marked, the marking is hard to discover. By the same token, the fewer times the cheat resorts to those markings, lesser the chance of being caught cheating.  

Marked cards are work with contact lenses or poker cheating soothsayer, and we also supply many kinds of mahjong table, dice treating device, you also could custom chips from us.
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