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Aspects of Soft Contact Lenses for Marked Cards
2014-04-16 17:20
Contact lens is a common item which every one is very familiar with and we often take it as a vision tool and beauty decoration. As a matter of fact, it can have another all-new role if it is changed a little. Based on innovative concept and customer orientation, soft contact lenses for marked cards emerge as time requires.
Soft contact lens for marked cards is a special-purpose gambling product. It has applications in a very wide range of fields, including Omaha poker, Texas poker, Blackjack, Bull, Mau Mau, etc. Because of having no special requirements for playing sites, it is also used widely in private poker party, party gamble, casino, poker match and magic show. People who take part in poker matches or work in gambling places have a high demand forming different kinds of gambling tools, such as normal cards, processed marked cards, poker analyzer and automatic mahjong table. In order to meet these professionals’ needs, soft contact lenses are developed and coming into people’s views at the right moment.
This advanced contact lens for marked cards is aimed at helping its users to cheat skillfully and secretly at gambling and thus harvest fortune from gambling. With the aid of contact lenses or prospective glasses, gamblers can see the points and suits of poker cards before they get them while others can not see anything.
The exclusive marked cards for soft contact lenses are made with a kind of invisible ink, which can make the marks on cards visible only by wearing a par of special contact lenses or glasses. There are marks on the back or edge of every piece of playing cards. You can know these playing cards by identifying the marks as long as you wear soft contact lenses.
With a pair of high-tech soft contact lenses for marked cards on your eyes, cheating at poker is no more a risky thing. It will bring you good luck and considerable fortune. If you are interested, make phone calls or send emails to us. For more information, you are recommended to visit poker cheat center.
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