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GPS playing cards soothsayer support for all playing games
2014-04-16 18:00
The playing cards soothsayer machine will report the number and suit of each playing cards in one second, so the user can know what is suit and number of playing cards he will get according to wireless voice received by soothsayer. It reports the result from the top to the end of playing cards.
Our GPS poker analyzer Support for all playing cards games, and you could use the hidden headphone to receive automatic reporting about the color points and number. The playing cards soothsayer reports the points automatically about how to beat out the color. All brand mobile phone is optional you can also bring your own mobile phone to process. The phone can use as normal cell phone
You could not find any flaws in the new version of the GPS playing cards soothsayer even you are first touch of ordinary mobile phones. A group with many kinds of program, suitable for all the poker games, this poker cheating soothsayer could be operates by single person.
You must have know how to use the GPS playing cards soothsayer, Put the hidden lens on mobile in suitable direction and then aim at. Then the device could report the result directly.
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