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Playing card could be marked with luminous ink
2014-04-16 18:05
You have found there are many pokers cheating device on our website, but you don’t know how to choose the better one. If you are the first time to use poker cheating device, we suggest you could start from luminous contact lenses.
There are some marks in every piece of the back of playing cards card. You can know the playing cards by identify the marks. Our cards are of the technology of real luminous mark. This is the only type in the world that could be marked onto any colors of cards, which is far more advanced than regular juice shadow mark sold by other website it’s suitable for all kinds of playing cards games.
Luminous invisible cheating playing card is for contact lenses.
High quality luminous marked cheating playing cards. Marked cards can be used as long as one year. High quality marked cards can be seen under various light while can not see the marks with naked eyes. Big mark in the middle and small marks on four corners are available.
Playing card could be marked with luminous ink, and you can use them with luminous contact lenses. Marked cards can be also customized. We supply many kinds of marked cards,
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