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Poker cheating method in the private game
2014-04-17 13:17
Tradition poker cheating tricks have known by many people, so we need to have some method not to much people know and very invisible, only in this way, poker card cheating could continue.
There is several cheating method the first one is marked cards, perhaps the most well-known technique for cheating at poker is using a deck of marked cards. However, most players know little more than the general fact that marked cards exist, and very few would have any chance at all to detect a professionally marked deck sitting in front of them.
The second one is stacking the deck, for every true cut and shuffle in existence, there is a crooked shuffle or cut that looks the same but can be used to cheat at poker.
And the third one is nullifying the final cut this customary procedure was developed to help deter players who would try to run up a good hand during the shuffle. Therefore, many methods have been developed by card mechanics to undo, or "nullify" this final cut.
These poker cheating method have been widely used in private game, if you want to cheat in the poker game, you need more practice, you should now what is the best time to use poker cheat predictor.
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