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Poker laptop scanning system
2014-04-17 13:33
We have many kinds of scanning camera, such as cell phone scanner, astray scanning, water bottle scanner, if you need we can custom scanning camera for you, and we would like to introduce our laptop scanning system for you.
Here are the configurations of our laptop poker scanning system:
1. A notebook computer, 1280X768 pixel resolution, increased processor and memory capacity, rapid scanning software operation
2. A set of poker software analyzers, distribution of a cryptographic hardware
3. Remote Wireless remote control transmitter / receiver one, this scan be adjusted by remote computer scanned image is clear, accurate and 100% of poker cards
4. If the remote wireless device reported stealth, range of up to100 meters
5. A stealth headset, receive clear signal and sound
6. a cell phone camera can be remote or so, to capture poker cards, poker cards for the distance to 50cm, more long-distance or other players can choose to configure the lens: the lens cuff, clothes lenses, lighter lenses, lens drinking fountains, murals lens Etc.
7. Poker card scan tag can be processed to provide plastic poker cards poker cards and paper size options
Our laptop poker scanning system is full of advantages, if you experience them for one time, you will feel it is amazing, it worth use, if you think you like some poker cheating scanning smaller than laptop, you can choose cell phone scanning camera.
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