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Chip tray scanning camera is suit for casino
2014-04-18 17:03
Some people worry that some casino and private not allow putting anything on the table, so it is a good way to put the camera lenses into the chip tray.
Chip tray scanner can automatically scan the barcode marked cards within 0.1s. Then you will receive the information through the wireless earpiece. With the help of that small device you can easily know who has the best hands and the rank of all players, as well. The chip tray scanning camera is operated only by one person and you can customize the distance between the camera and the marked cards. This camera can function for more than 10 hours without recharging.
Chip tray scanning camera is good for the boss of casino and you can fix a scanning camera lens into the chip tray. This chip tray scanning camera could scan the barcode of the marked cards very clearly.
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