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What’s the Origin of Marked Poker Card?
2014-04-21 13:38
When it comes to poker card, we are all familiar with it. However, do you know the origin of marked poker card? Just as other things, there are many legends about the origin of marked poker card. It is reported that France, Belgium, Italy, Egypt and countries such as India, South Korea and Britain hold an idea that poker card was originated from their country and should belong to their own nation, but there is no concrete historical data can prove their ideas. So, this dispute is not settled down yet by far.
At the very beginning, a complete set of poker card had 52 cards of French Tarot. Later, because of the same suits and face cards, American businessmen added 2 jokers of Texas Hold’ em into traditional poker cards and it is now what we can see there are 54 cards in a pack of cards. After that, poker cards spread over many other countries all over the world accompanying with the prospering businesses.
Have a look at a new pack of marked poker cards and you can see the suits of poker cards can be divided into four types, namely spade, heart, club and diamond. Among these four suits, spade and club are black while heart and diamond are red. Moreover, in every set of poker suit, there are 13 cards marked the number form 1 to 13, among which the numbers from 11 to 13 are represented by face cards, such as J, Q and K.
Poker card is not only an interesting game, but also a kind of gambling culture. If you feel interested in it, you are recommended to visit poker cheat center, where will find more information about cards, marked cards and poker cheating devices.
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