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UV glasses and UV contact lenses use in poker games
2014-04-21 17:57
UV glasses used when the sun is too shine in the summer, it could protect you from the UV hurt, and it also could use in poker cheating game.
There is no difference in appearance between the luminous glasses and sunglasses. This luminous glass is specialized in reading the UV marks on the back of playing cards. After players wear this good quality glasses, the UV marks can be read under various light. The color of surrounding environment is in red after wearing luminous glasses.
Luminous glasses are really useful in self-defense and winning in gambling.
1, aluminous frame in Golden color
2, PVC lenses in dark brown
3, the same size with the normal eye glasses
4, O degree
If you are first time to know poker cheating glasses and interest in UV glasses or UV contact lenses, you can try to use them to see the marks on the back of the poker cards. You will think it’s like a magic.
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