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About integrated Analyzer
2013-05-06 18:56
  Integrated analyzer is a kind of analyzer that need no extra lens. Its lens is fixed into the analyzer and the result will be appeared onto the screen. This kind of analyzer must be put onto the table, but you can let it have a phone call. The lens and analyzer is linked by wire, so that other wireless waves can not interfere it. I will let you know how it works:
  When you turn on the power, set the rule you want, and you will enter the game. When you put the edge marked poker toward the lens, the screen will appear the number such as 16:54:52, it mean the second player get the best hand. The result is hidden into the clock. If you feel that it is very trouble to see the screen time by time, you can also wear a earphone instead looking on the screen.
  The analyzer have the out shape like Iphone 4s, Samsung ... you can see the device in our products.
  For more information about the integrated analyzer, you can contact with our sell staff.
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