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2013-05-06 18:57
   In poker analyzer system, there must be a output device to let you know the result. We have mini earphone and vibrator as the output device. If you use the integrated analzyer, you needn't have any output device just look at the screen is OK.
   Mini earphone, is a wireless earphone that put into your ear, put the electronic battery into the battery case, and close the case, when the analyzer send the signal to the earphone, it can speak the result such as "one, two, three, four... or the suits and points of the cards such as 5 of heart... " the earphone should near the analyzer within 1m, if too far away, the sound will become smaller and smaller. No matter how many players there are, and no matter what kind of cards rules you are in.
   Vibrator, also is a wireless device, that have 6 pendulums from 0 to 5, should stick it onto body. The vibrator can not let you know the suits and points of the deck, it can only let you know who is the winner or who get the worst deck. And it can only support 5 players to play at a time. Its distance can reach 50m. You need no worry about anybody check your ear.
   If you use integrated analyzer, you need not get the output device, you only need to see the result on the screen, it will show you the result by numbers. Of course, others may not know the meaning of the numbers. If you feel it is so bother to see the screen time to time, you can also wear an earphone to hear the result.
   For more information about the device, you can contact with our sale staff. Thank you! 
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