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Magnetic dice use with electronic table
2014-04-25 10:28
If you have a special electronic table, and the magnetic dice could playing on your hand, you can use them in dice gamble, and nobody think there is any problem with the table and dice.
The latest version of the electronic table with magnetic dice allows a high range remote control, of a very high precision. It can be used for games of dice, backgammon and 7/11, for entertainment purposes only. We can create any type of dice of different sizes, matte or transparent.
With this system you can control the game of dice.
The system consists of a table and 6 compatible electronic dice. The table is remotely controlled by a radio-controlled remote control that allows total control over the dice. Using the remote is very simple, having only two buttons that control the dice. The table has an incorporated accumulator with a life of up to 300 uses of the remote. The working surface of the table is 100 cm x 100 cm. The uniqueness of the product is given by the following parameters: The table contains no magnetic elements
Dice do not "shake" when simply pushing a wrong button
Dice can be operated simultaneously
Maximum portability
The package includes: a framework for the table with the electronic installed, charger, remote control, 6 matte dice.
Magnetic dice only could use with special electronic table, the battery can use for 5-6 hours, you can use it in casino or private poker games.
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