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How to Use Marking Ointment in Poker Game?
2014-04-25 14:02
What will you do if you want to know a card or some pieces of cards in a deck? Nearly no man could give me a positive answer. As a matter of fact, it is quite simple for us to see through poker cards in the process of playing cards with other people. You are sure to see the points and suits of cards as long as you use marked cards that are made with a marking ointment. Now let me introduce you how to use marking ointment in a poker game.
First, you are supposed to prepare a pack of good-quality poker cards and a bottle of marking ointment. If you do not where to get the marking ointment, you can visit EYE Poker Cheat Center and ask one from it.
Second, you are taught to put the marking ointment into your pocket and apply a little of it onto your finger and let the ointment onto the poker cards. Doing by this, you will remember the position you have marked on the cards and in some way you can see the marks while others can not see them at all. Therefore, in playing cards, you have the advantage and win in games easily.
In addition, this kind of marking ointment can be used for many times and you can save quite a lot of money at the same time if you make marks on cards by yourselves.
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