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Chip Tray Lens Can See Cards and Tell Who Wins
2014-04-25 14:05
It is known to all of us that there is a kind of camera lens can be used in poker games to help people win a lot of money. This camera lens for poker use can scan all activities that are carried out in a poker room. Chip tray lens is one such a poker cheat tool to play an important role in poker cheating tricks for poker gamblers.
It is a common sense among all the poker cheaters that a chip tray lens must be used together with a poker analyzer or poker parser. In other words, chip tray camera lens is an essential part of poker analyzer which can predict the result of all poker games accurately. This new kind of camera lens is installed into a chip tray, so it is very secret and convenient to scan the barcodes or marks on poker cards when people play cards in a casino or a poker club.
Different sizes of chi tray can be installed with a micro scanning camera lens inside. There are different distance betweens the scanning camera and the barcode cards, and you can choose the scanning camera with one of the following range: 20cm -- 30cm, 30cm -- 40cm, 40cm -- 50cm, 50cm -- 60cm, 60cm -- 70cm, 70cm -- 80cm, 80cm -- 90cm. This chip tray lens can see through cards clearly and tell you the relevant poker faces and who will win in the game via a mini earphone within 0.1 second. With one in your chip tray, it means you will have supernatural ability to see cards and predict who will win in games.
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