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Cigarette lighter barcode reader use with many kinds of poke
2014-04-25 16:29
Do you know the barcode reader? If you say no, you maybe the first time to know something about poker cheating predictor, we have many poker cheating product and now I will introduce a cigarette lighter barcode reader to you
We give you a unique system hidden in a lighter, which helps you guess any playing card from the pack. A simple common ashtray can change your tricks into real magic. Use your imagination to amaze even the most vigilant audience by guessing any card in the pack without even dealing, or touching it. The whole system is wireless, with maximum portability and easy to use. The lighter can read code bars on the pack of playing cards from a distance of 30-50 cm.
The lighter can scan and send information to a video scanner which can be connected to a TV or laptop. The information will be manually handled and analyzed by the system operator.
The results can be passed on with the help of a discreet communicating device consisting of a modified phone and a micro earpiece, completely invisible in the auditory canal.
Cigarette lighter barcode reader can receive the result with the help of a communicating device and a micro earpiece, this barcode reader could use in many kinds of poker games.
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