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Cuff winner predict scanner works very fast and clearly
2014-04-25 16:39
Cuff winner predict scanner is a high invisible poker scanner, the camera is inside the cuff or in the button, with the help of this scanner you can control the poker game while it also have the highest level of privacy.
This cuff winner predict scanner give you the ability to accurately predict any information regarding the deck of cards that you use to perform the magic tricks: which card is missing from the deck, what number has the card indicated by the audience, judging by the order in the deck. You will be the most professional poker player
The package includes: the predictor hidden in the cuff, remote control for changing the players, discrete communication system, 10 decks of playing cards marked with barcodes.
The cuff winner predict scanner hidden in the cuff scans the marked cards from a distance of 40cm, the transmitter return the result through a micro earpiece, this whole process is happened within 0.1 second, and nobody notice it.
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