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Edge Marked Poker for Poker Analyzer Camera Lens
2014-04-29 15:20
Playing poker cards has been widely accepted as a good way to relax stressful mind by a great number of people all over the globe. Indeed, it is an easy but beneficial recreational activity on the whole, so there are many people who love to play cards in their spare time. Now let me tell you something interesting about edge marked poker for poker analyzer camera lens.
Edge marked poker for poker analyzer camera lens is a kind of high-tech recreational item for all gamblers. Being different from other kinds of normal poker cards in the current market, edge marked poker cards are made with a special luminous ink which can not be seen by naked eyes. Only when you wear a pair of IR glasses or contact lenses, you can see the poker faces of all poker cards. Generally, the marks are made on the edge or the back of cards. Besides, their scripts are made according to your specific requirement, so you can customize a pack of marked cards for yourselves.
Additionally, you are advised to use marked poker cards together with a poker analyzer camera lens, which will scan the cards and send data to analyzer automatically. By doing so, you can see the points and suits of cards through the camera lens. Therefore, you can make your bets and win with ease.
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