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Luminous perspective glasses have the same function as the i
2014-04-30 14:31
Luminous perspective glasses are very popular for many years, and with the development of the technology, the relevant luminous infrared contact lenses has invent.
Blue luminous perspective glasses, product quality as the standard A-level, customers, product performance and price between the quality and selection of glasses according to the order of the angle of the different processes used under or between senior and worn cards and mahjong class poker the difference hard plastic tag identifying the perspective of blue luminous perspective glasses.
Lens parameters
Center thickness: 0.04mm
Life cycle: 1 year
Production label: 996,818
Packing: 2 pcs / box
Material: chorg
Water content: 37.2%
Oxygen permeability coefficient: 6.8DK
Degree: 0 degrees
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve (i.e., curvature): 8.5
Other features: white Perspective
Now people like to use luminous infrared contact lenses to see the marked cards, and this blue luminous perspective glasses have the same function as the luminous infrared contact lenses. You can choose the suitable size and color of the contact lenses.
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