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Video camera lens is clearer than other camera lens
2014-04-30 14:41
Video camera lens is clearer than other camera lens, and we also could use the DVR to instead of the video camera lens.
This video camera shows a deck of cards that has been marked with a special substance that is visible only under a special video camera. The video camera was shot with two different cameras positioned side-by-side and running simultaneously. The image on the left was shot with a regular camera, and the image on the right with a specially modified one. Also, please take a moment to review our camera Ink demo for some further details on various inks used for these camera systems, as well as our Gaffed Blackjack Shoe demo, for some further information on how these camera systems may be used.
Such camera systems are most often used in after-hours clubs, private homes, and crooked card rooms. The scam requires a special setup operated by a small team of people. A typical setup consists of a hidden video camera (or a camera that masquerades as a security camera), a video recorder with frame-by-frame playback capability, a video monitor, and a wireless communication system. When these camera systems first came out VCRs were used to record the video signal. Nowadays, VCRs have been replaced by much more practical DVRs that allow playback while continuing to record the live video feed.
this video camera lens could use with many poker cheating system, you'd better use this video camera system with your partner, if you are the first time to use the video camera lens, you'd better practice how to use the device skillful.
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