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The best lighter poker camera lens
2014-04-30 16:51
Lighter poker camera lens is with the good quality and reasonable price. More and more gamblers are eager to buy good products to help them win poker game. Our EYE Poker Cheating Center can help you.

You can learn more information from here. The lighter poker camera lens is used for all generations of poker soothsayers. It is a true cigarette lighter but can help the user to operate with poker soothsayer.
Distance: Around 35cm
Estimate working hours: About 1 hour
Specification: It contains 1pcs lighter lens, 1pcs true lighter, 1pcs magic and 1 pcs of charger.
Color: Green, Yellow, Black, Blue.

Lighter also can be made to a poker cheating device called lighter poker camera lens. They have many functions for gamblers to win in any kinds of poker cheating games. And we know many people are eager to buy a reliable poker cheating device. 
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