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You should keep the rules of etiquette in mind when you play
2014-05-04 17:23

When you play poker cards in the table, there are some common rules, in some casino the only allowed language is English, this rule is in order to prevent people to cheat in the game, but as the develop of internet, other language also can join into the chatting.

The following is a poker room etiquette you should keep in mind:
Can not say bad language. Be careful with your language word. Online poker room is adult stuff and no one likes to hear bad language.
Not to be rude. Not every player you generally like the players, to avoid damage to bullshit or insulting other players. You’re Board and not just to win the players, to have grace, can not go too far, be careful Golden Girls, today left line, the future good meet, remember
Keep a cool head. Do not make non-sensible commotion out of control.
Do not make the game stop progress. Through careless or ill-considered and deceleration rate is not a good strategy game. It does not reflect the level of your profession.

When you playing in the poker game, you should be nice, you should keep the table clear, just put money on the table. These are the rules in the casino, as these rules exist, so you will have chance to use poker cheating predictor or contact lenses that could together use with marked cards.
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