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Use the poker analyzer in Texas hold’em poker games
2014-05-07 13:17
Do you like to play Texas hold’em poker games? If you are the first time to know this poker gamble, we would like to introduce how to play it. And I would like to know, if there is a chance to win money in the Texas hold’em poker games, are you want to catch it?
First I will tell you the step when play Texas hold’em, the game starts each player is issued two cards face down, as the player's "cards", is unique for each individual player cards only in the "fight card" when opened, so do not be regarded as a Texas Hold'em poker game for license renewal.
The first round of betting is called "pre-flop" (preflop), under the big blind by the player left of the beginning (if not blind, was left the licensing officer the player, such as a one-time, advance by calling the big blind injection), and continues clockwise. Continued until each player bets have been one of two states for the following: cover licensing, invested with all the other players are not covered by the license under the same bet, put all the chips under the full (all-in) , shouted after the injection of the ring likewise.
In the "pre-flop" betting after the end of the table while the licensing officer opened three community cards, and then began a second ("flop", flop) bet. After this round of betting, are left by the licensing officer not to fold the first player start the clockwise direction to continue calling attention.
"Flop" bet after the end of the licensing officer turned to another community card, known as the "turn card" (turn) (or "Fourth Street"), began the third round of betting. Then, the licensing officer turned the last community card, known as the "river" (river) (or "Fifth Street"), began after the fourth round of betting.

It is looks very complicated, but the operation is relatively simple. If you want to win money, you can use our poker analyzer, more information about poker analyzer and barcode marked cards, you can consult us.
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