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About Dices
2013-05-07 18:03
   Dice plays an important part in the gambling. When you play mahjong, you need use dice to know where to start. When you play domino Pai Gow, you should use dice to know who get the first hand. And some where use dices to guess points or odd and double...
   There are a lot colors of dice, but usually there are white and lucid. White dice usually made up of plastic and its size from 8 mm to 150 mm.
   We can cheat at dice such as fill mercury into it, then you can get the point you want. We can fix something into it and fix a base under the table, when you throw the dice, press the remote, you can get the point you want. We can fix a small electronic plate into it, then a vibrate put onto your body. For example, if it is odd, it will have a shake, if double, twice shake.
   If you are interested in them, please contact with us for more information.
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