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Skills and poker analyzer use in the poker games
2014-05-09 17:30

Sometimes you’d better to change your style of play, to confuse the opponent. If you always have a high hand, when you add, the opponent will know that you are holding good cards.

They all put down the card, you can’t earn too much money even got the good cards. So sometimes when you get a bad card, to bluff (Bluffing), even the opponent found you were lay .never mind, this is the foundation for the next time you make money.
There are some skills you should remember:
1. Keep a stone face.
2. Poker hands must be high, if the 2 card is not good to throw away, without any losses, only good cards to play
3. The position, patience and a strong brand is the key of winning when playing poker game.

We will take about the skill when you playing the poker cards, and also introduce the newest poker analyzer or contact lenses for customer.
We have many kinds of poker analyzer and each of them have different function, you can choose suitable one for yourself, poker analyzer can be customized according to the effective distance, and the farthest scanning distance is 90cm.
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