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High speed poker scanner is a professional poker scanner
2014-05-09 17:32
High speed poker analyzer is one of our best products, judge the quality of an analyzer is to watch his scanning speed, High speed analyzer can give the result in 0.1 second after prediction, and it has a very powerful effect.
If you use the hi-speed camera you can also follow the skills. The Hi-speed camera can read the cards while these are dealt. The image is captured by a professional video scanner.
The scanner is very powerful and performs a real-time visualization of cards.

The whole system is wireless, with maximum portability and easy to use.
The whole system needs two people to communicate discreetly, in order to get the best results. It will be a magic trick.
Phones in which this technology can be implemented: Nokia N95, Nokia N82.
The system includes: hi-speed camera mobile phone, video intercepting scanner, discrete communication system.

Hi-speed camera can scan the barcode very clear, the camera lens can be installed on the mobile phone, lighter, water bottles and other things.
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