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Nokia C23 cell phone poker camera lens
2014-05-12 16:24
When you are playing poker cheating game, the Nokia c23 cell phone camera lens will let you win in any kind of poker cheating games. The Nokia is a famous brand and we have put a small camera lens inside.

This is a kind of spy phone with camera lenses fixed in. While you are playing cards, put the phone on the table, let the lens towards to the poker, turn on the power and then it can work. Nokia C23 cell phone camera lens can be fixed double lenses inside. It can reach distance from 20-50cm. The battery can always last for more than 2 hours and you can change it if used up. You can put in a mobile phone card in and make phone call, send message, play games, listen to the music and so on. This device is widely used for private poker party, party gamble, casino, poker match, magic show.

The Nokia c23 cell phone camera lens will help you a lot when you are playing poker cheating games. And this is a good poker cheating device in the world. What is more, if you want to know more about other camera lenses, we can introduce more products to you. 
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